Thursday, February 4, 2010

Studio Madness

The studio is a mess. Zillow Pillows scattered, fabric in stacks and a few starts to my next short stories. I've been writing another Vera story. She's not much of a pillow hound, unlike me. She's thirteen now (having already celebrated nine, eleven, fifteen and forty-three in previous stories) and of course she's difficult. I'd almost go as far as call her unruly. But does she have to be as predictable as a Zillow Pillow? Can't she surprise me by being ugly (inside of course) and breaking at the seams? Does she really need to worry so much about her father and argue terribly with her mother?

Well, Vera's not going to clean the Zillow Pillow Studio and frankly neither am I. Let the creative magic of words and fabric sit and sulk. Good for them.

Off to sew a pillow...

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