Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Tags

I'm excited to have my new Zillow Pillows tags to send with my Etsy orders!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zillow Pillow Giveaway at Women Who Do It All

Stop on over to the Women Who Do It All blog and enter to win a Zillow Pillow of your choice from my Etsy shop! Anyone can enter. Pause to read through the great posts and follow for fun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Goals is a funny word. I guess it's strange to me because I'm horrible at making them, keeping them, talking about them, well you get my drift. I've got no problem wanting to do anything, it's just the final walkthrough I'm struggling with. This month, I'm working on a new line of Zillow Pillows, trying to get into the fantastic Corvallis Fall Festival, and juggling my Etsy shop along with keeping the ultra fancy shop Mod Pod stocked with Zillow Pillows. Okay, these things sound suspiciously like goals. Wants. Needs. Aren't they all the same? Am I actually good at saying what I should be doing, you know, like tending to my blog, but I need to do some mental reconfiguring to finish the tasks I create.

Pillows are the perfect "get-me-on-track-with-my-goals"

Using the squeezability of a retro-themed Zillow Pillow, I can fuel my creative energy into completing the goals I set for myself.

Below: a list of my goals for May - Please leave a comment if you have goals you'd like to attain, agree that goals is a funny word, or just simply want to type some letters because you used to own a manual typewriter. Writing, of any kind, is so Very.

Blogging daily
Four sales a week on Etsy
New pictures on Etsy
Write three short stories in two weeks
Buy my top five necklaces on Etsy (I have a love for necklaces like you may know a shoe lover)