Friday, February 12, 2010

I've been expanding my product line for Zillow Pillows. I've moved from squares to rectangles (at my talented mother's suggestion) and now I've been creating the "I heart houses" line. We've all heard the sayings, house to home, home to house, but what is it about our spaces that we love to love?

When I was young, a typical Sunday was a drive through fancy neighborhoods, observing rooftops, gables, house styles. I'll admit I didn't love the long car rides, being prone to car sickness and adolescent boredom, but that didn't stop my parents from continuing these family outings. My father was a home contractor and an architect. Looking at houses for him, was like reading short stories to me, entertaining but also a form of study. My mother loved not only the outside of houses, the exterior, the surface, but preferred to delve deeper inside to the home decor side. This information not only defines each of my parents, but explains why I'm closer with my mom.

She could fix up any space. She could see potential in any area. And she still has the ability to take anything as it is and add a special touch.

My father worried more about the outside.

The "I heart houses" line is a lot about the exterior of cute homes. But behind every outer surface of a cute home is a compilation of better layers: love, thoughtfulness, smiles, sorrow, goodness, togetherness and memories. Thanks mom, for showing me the layers.

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