Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What does a pillow mean to you?

I'm surrounded by pillows every day. Some I've made, some I've purchased, some I've been given, some I've lived with for years. People sometimes ponder the question, what does life mean to you? Well, I'd like to hear about your favorite pillow. It could be a little travel pillow that's been riding with you on vacation for months or even a nighttime pillow you sleep with each night. I'm really interested in office pillows and how they hold up during deadlines and customer visits. I'm talking about any pillow, not just Zillow Pillows. Please, in at least a sentence, tell me, what does a pillow mean to you?


Busy Working Mama said...

I have a hand-made goose down pillow hand-plucked and sewn by my grandmother for me when I was born that is my very favorite pillow of all. It is small, maybe 16 by 12, maybe 2 inchesh thick since it is (ahem) 32 years old now. It is stained and worn and I have little pillow covers she sewed me and my mom sewed for me over time. I love this pillow. My husband the germaphobe won't go near it. I used it for Lily when she was a baby (yes, blah blah blah to all the SIDS-nothing-in-the-crib parents out there). My mom went ahead and made Lily her own goose down pillow with down my grandmother brough over on a visit from Poland, complete with little pink pillow cases. She sleeps on it now that she's 2.5, and I can only hope she'll love it as much as I love mine. Oh, and we call it a "ya-shek" (Polish word for small pillow). My husband still won't touch it and the better for me :)

Jill - Blankets said...

Long time reader, first time poster ----- keep up these nice posts!